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The Agreement

  The first three years were a difficult, testing and trying time, which at the outset seemed to be utterly impossible to survive. Each day had to be lived and endured, one at a time.

  But as the months came and went, matters improved, and somewhere along the way out, at some moment, it was like passing through a mirror - and he ceased to be a smoker and all matters cigarette related could be reviewed with an ever increasing detachment.

  At about the same time, he noted that the 'inner feeling life' had grown a distaste, if not a revulsion, to smoking cigarettes. From time to time, he would dally with the thought of returning, only to keep facing the certain knowledge that that could no longer be.

  This seemed to mark a fitting time to write this book. To be clear, this is not an attempt to help save or extend lives; death will come to all when it will. Getting rid of cigarettes is more about dignity, self-respect and improving the quality of life. It's about being clean, energised and able to do - However, each person who is able to get rid of cigarettes might also live a lot longer.

  There is a great joy in being able to live fully without the penalty of smoking. To be able to realise, once and for all 'THAT CIGARETTES WERE NEVER EVER NEEDED'. All they ever were was an affectation that became an addiction, an enjoyment that became repetitious, an escape that became a trap, a panacea that, instead of curing, systematically destroyed one's health...

The Rejection.... Excerpted from The Smokers'Home Companion.

The Deal

Having successfully stopped smoking cigarettes from somewhere between one and three years, (depending upon the level of original addiction), matters will need to be finalized. A contract or an agreement with self should be declared and written down. It ought to be composed using exact language and in such a way that there is no wiggle room.

Here is an example of a declaration that is best to avoid:

'I, (...name...), guarantee never to smoke again.'

COMMENTARY: It's not just the ego that is addicted to cigarettes, it is the body and the brain, and there are habits that have been developed, psychologies grown. So the ego 'I' can make all the sweeping gestures it likes but everything else is also going to be dictating the actual behaviour. Its rather like a dieter saying 'I will not eat so much', when the problem lies more with the stomach, taste-buds and elsewhere.

An example of an effective agreement could be written as follows...

Self Declaration


Over the last ....... years, having demonstrated to myself and to my sacred parts, and the brains, the stomach and the rest of this body that we can can all get on more happily and in a far better state of physical and psychological health without smoking cigarettes: We now know that the following declaration can be made...


I, (...name...) on behalf of myself and this temple and body, and the many lives that we comprise make declaration of the following Agreement:

  1. That I and we together have successfully struggled to get rid of cigarettes from our lives and for the last ..... years have not smoked a single cigarette.
  2. For the next ..... years we will continue to remain abstinent and smoke no cigarettes.
  3. Generally there will be no exceptions to this policy, except if called upon to salute the passing of a dear friend who still had a love of smoking.
  4. To underwrite item (3), possible exceptions will be researched and alternatives to smoking cigarettes devised.
  5. I and we together will replace our love for cigarette smoking with a best attempt to naturally self-develop and live a richer life.
  6. The penalty for breaking this agreement is self imposed since what awaits is a rapid return to an even more tenacious addiction to cigarettes. One that will be even harder if not impossible to break, and will inevitably result in chronic illness and our premature death.
  7. This agreement will be taken out and examined every ..... months and if required in the light of new knowledge, updated and upgraded.
Signed and Dated.


The encouragement herein is to write a unique self-declaration .....

Let it Pass


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