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  "Five months earlier in Copenhagen the last cigarette had been smoked. Now strapped inside the wreckage of the Ford Explorer and in a state of total shock, he mused, "Perhaps this is the time to light up again?", his nemesis, a pack of Chesterfields, conveniently to hand in what remained of the glove compartment, beckoned, taunting, daring him once again to smoke...."

abstracted from "the Journals"


  "How do I turn this attempt to get rid of cigarettes into a lasting result? and will I ever be completely free from the effects smoking and of having been a smoker?"...
  If there were a simple answer, stopping smoking would probably be easy and simple, for most it clearly is not.
  There are many old sayings and truths floating around in our culture to do with important matters like patience, timing, waiting and so on.
  For example:

  • "It takes time for the tide to come in."
  • "Old soldiers never die, they simply fade away."
  • "Rome was not built in a day, you were not on that job!"
  • "Soon ripe, soon rotten."

  There is likely much truth, as it relates to getting rid of cigarettes, to be garnered from them.


Candy Camel Actual Photo!   Most of us were intensively conditioned in our youth by family, mentors and tobacco companies alike to take up smoking. The resultant psychological life concerning smoking can and probably will persist for years. It will never quite fade away. It will always be there lurking in the shadows waiting for an opprtunity regain power, similar to a deposed monarch who, many years later, still sends letters to the government that replaced his tyranny. Prepare to be forever concerned and vigilant about this history.

This will be certain...

  •   The 'Pandoras' Box' of smoking is not going to be an easy one to close
  •   The chemical smoking life, reduced to cravings will eventually fade away.
  •   The psychological life, freed from its chemical conditioning, if shewn the way, can now rebalance itself.
  •   Time and nature will heal the physical life.
  •   All your efforts to get rid of cigarettes will be rewarded and eventually turn into a personal triumph.
  •   Until then, there is always the danger of a relapse.

Let It Pass

  Since the process can be very wearing on everyones' staminas, here follows a few suggestions and reminders to help weather the years.

  • Vigilance... New and recurrent obstacles will appear seemingly out of nowhere. Testing they will be, learn to spot them before they get too close. Plan to anticipate their appearance and train in advance to handle them. Most cannot be avoided for long.

    • Too early a success at getting rid of cigarettes...(The temptation to REWARD oneself by lighting up)
    • Failures and crises of all kinds having the potential to derail intentions... (Getting fired, an accident, etc.)
    • Withdrawal symptoms...making life hell for you, your family, friends and co-workers.
    • Cravings...stronger than expected, with each failed attempt they get worse.
    • Social gatherings where cigarettes were used as a prop or a cover...
    • The bravado of other smokers trying to hide their fears by urging you to smoke.
    • Camels Ascending The tobacco companies, deliberately luring back every one who stops smoking.
    • Intense emotions, especially a sadness, pining or a longing. Its the many stages of grief! Your life as a smoker is dying. One day at a time, you are feeling it depart.

  • Preparation...Follow the advice on this web-site and become a researcher.
  • Contracts...Make a contract of honour to remain free of cigarettes.( a good period of review and renewal for this contract would be every three years).
  • Be Different...Develop new activities that make good use of, and rely upon, being healthy.
  • History... Perhaps make a research into cigarette memorabilia as part of a research into facing the past. (The smokers' and the tobacco companies').
  • Instruct... When absolutely clear of the results of cigarette smoking, (5 to 7 years from now) find ways to help others to do the same.
  • Initiative...This website sets out at most only five percent of the method, try to discover the missing part.
  • Journal...Decide to keep writing in the daily journal for the rest of your life.
  • Book...Write the book or poem of the experience and publish it on the web. Keep updating it as understanding deepens.
  • Revelations...Take the knowledge gained, turn it all inside out and use the results to develop and form an entirely new set of views. (This marks important moments).
  • Let It Pass...When its done it is done, when its gone its over. Now travelling at a different speed, perhaps following the sound of a different drummer, let what was, now pass you by.
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