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The Introduction

"A KOOL penguin you say?" the old man said and pausing, turned. His face, revealing a lonely haunted look that spoke of a deep sadness and emptiness. Then, with the remorse of a man once very much in love, he continued, "You know KOOL cigarettes, they killed my wife. She smoked them . I tried so hard to help her stop, but she couldn't." .....

Secondhand Store Owner, Connecticut.

  This website is of an experimental design and as such is often changed. It is a genuine tender of help and encouragement from the many who have made the journey. Please feel free to travel through it in your own way and time, and use what you have learned wisely. Feedback and enquiries are always welcome.


  The contents of these pages have been designed for all smokers, but in particular, those who are heavy long-time smokers, and may have tried many times to get rid of cigarettes without much success. Their purpose is to help in regaining control of the life that addiction to smoking has usurped.

  The prime focus is upon the mind and feelings... Gathering vital information, getting to some new perceptions, understanding the predicament that most smokers find themselves in. Developing essential attitudes towards self, cigarette smoking, getting rid of cigarettes and the world (in which we smoke!). And putting together the practical reasoning that will become a personal 'bible' for enroute support and leverage on the journey away from 'tobacco country'.

  The secondary focus is upon methods that can be employed to successfully regain control and permanently get rid of cigarettes.

  To help in keeping a sometimes hard to grasp subject matter accessible, the text has been embellished with personal narratives, historical references, old advertising slogans, cartooons, in fact anything from 'tobacco country' that is assisting and makes the journey more interesting, perhaps a little lighter, more spirited, and easier to join.

Methods: A View

  There does not seem to be a "The Way" to get rid of cigarettes. The act seems simple enough, the instruction to self is "I will stop smoking tobacco NOW." A decisive moment for which there should have been planning and adequate preparation, but is often spontaneously acted out. What happens thereafter and whether or not there is a lasting success depends on how well the symptoms get managed. For some it is easy, seem to do well and are soon free; for most others it can be a difficult and testing time. The essence of most methods is skillful self administered crisis intervention and management. The moment anyone stops smoking, its usually one crisis after another.

Basic Ad   The text is illustrated. Some of the illustrations are recycled cigarette advertisements put there to help in coming to terms with the fact that cigarette smoking is still legal. Cigarette outlets and advertising are both abundant. Anyone attempting to stop smoking has to do so in an environment over saturated with opportunities and reminders to keep smoking excessively on.

  These methods, partially presented here within the limitations of a website, worked extremely well for the authors. Some of its parts may work for you , other parts may not. We are all, in our own way, different or odd, and must discover what works best for ourselves.

It Begins Here

  One way to look at cigarette smoking might be to view it as a twisted version of the popular game 'Monopoly', remember 'Pass Go' and collect 200 dollars salary? buy boardwalk? go directly to jail?...

  1.  You begin this version of the game with great hopes, only to discover that the salary every time you pass 'EGO' is a free carton of cigarettes.
  2.   The tokens have been changed to a penguin, a camel, a cowboy hat, a model, a miniature cigarette pack, a poker chip and so on.
  3.   Your fellow players are:
    1. a Mr Philip Morris.
    2. a Mr R.J.Reynolds.
    3. a Mr Liggett (and his partner Mr Myers)
    4. a M. Lorillard.
    5. a Mr Brown.
    6. and a Mr Williamson, who is the banker.
  4.   The 'Streets' are already owned by these players and you are now going to visit Old Kent Road, Marlboro Ranchero, Virginia (Slims) Beach, Hope Plantation, Winston Track, Parliament Row, Merit Parkway, Camel Crescent, Newport Crescent, Pall Mall, Kool Promenade, Lucky Strike Mine, Gitanes Coliseum, Salem Court, True Interstate, West Hochstrasse and so on.
  5.   Every where you land you have to pay either the 'rent' which is to 'Buy more Cigarettes' or pay large fees and taxes for a health related service..
  6.   'Houses and Hotels' have been replaced with 'Cigarette Stores' and 'Cigarette Dealerships', visit where they are and you will have to buy more cigarettes as well as pay extra for them.
  7.   The 'Utility Companies' have been replaced by a 'Fire Company' and an 'Emergency Medical Service'. You discover that rescue also comes at a steep price.
  8.   The 'Railway Stations' since you aren't going anywhere are now a 'Clinic', a 'Hospital', a 'Mortuary' and a 'Cemetery'. All four are very expensive and eager for your inevitable custom. Like vultures, their staff watch your every move.
  9.   'Income Tax' has been replaced by a pernicious 'Cigarette Tax', and the 'Luxury Tax' becomes a 'Health Insurance Surcharge'.
  10.   The 'Go Directly to Jail' Policeman has morphed into the 'Surgeon General' directing you not to smoke.
  11.   Hence 'Jail' has become a 'No Smoking Zone', from which your fellow players will quickly bail you out.
  12. OR..'Jail' is now the 'ONLY WAY OUT' should you be able to get rid of cigarettes whilst 'Doing Time'....(more later)
  13.   'Free Parking' has moved outside to an 'Airport Parking Lot', where you can smoke.
  14.   Managed by a Cowboy, a Model and a Shadowy businessman, the 'Community Chest' has changed to 'Customer Care' and is stuffed full of coupons and free give-aways.
  15.   'Chance' transforms into 'Smoke and Mirrors', which now delivers prognoses and outcomes from visits to either a doctor, a shrink, a politician, a lawyer or a P.R. representative, all heavily weighted in favour of the tobacco companies. It is also overloaded with offers of 'free samples of cigarettes' and 'free bail money' for getting out of 'No-Smoking Jail'.

  With each throw of the dice living becomes ever more costly.
You have to mortgage your life to keep playing...

If you want to play here is a link to the maze of "Cigopolis"

to cigopolis

prisoner   The question might arise, "What is Jail?"
 If a smoker, then one view to hold is that, "Its the loss of the opportunity to smoke," perhaps caused by running out of cigarettes, an airline flight, a meal in a New York restaurant, the workplace or any place where smoking is prohibited.
  If attempting to get rid of cigarettes, 'jail' would be the trap of nicotine(+) addiction, 'time spent' would be in satisfying the cravings. The lock is the force of habit, the key hidden or temporarily lost. The brain knows what and where it is but surrounds its whereabouts with confusion. AND even if the key was found and the trap open, would the smoker leave?

Unlike 'Monopoly' there is no "Get out of jail free" card, cigarette smoking is a powerful addiction and it can take much time and effort to escape
'the vice-like grip of its enslavement.'

Spider   Smoking is a trap for the unwary, where the future smoker follows a journey similar to that of an unsuspecting insect caught in a spiders web or a carnivorous plant.
  The entrance to this trap is highly attractive, lined with the inducements of the tobacco companies and the encouragement of others, who together, in their quest for either greater profits or simply wanting to recruit for the "smoking club", lure young people into smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes which help fill up the empty pathways of their youth and substitute for developing a real identity. These young people get involved in playing the deadly game of becoming smokers and unwittingly get drawn closer in and get caught in a labyrinth. A labyrinth of increasing addiction and self-deception where imperceptible changes aggregate, growing until the point of 'no return' is passed. Now becoming Smokers for life, completely convinced that a life without cigarettes is no longer liveable. From here the diseases, incubated by smoking, bring these smokers, now afflicted with increasingly severe pain and disability, to the place and moment of an earlier than expected finality...

Moonshine Cigarette Pack   One way, and perhaps the only way, to get rid of cigarettes, is to struggle out of the chemical and psychological trap before it is too late. If we had been given a proper training (now no longer accessible) before being introduced to tobacco all might have been very different.
  For the moment, mentally try to put on one side any possible medicinal or religious use that tobacco might have. The way tobacco is processed and used nowadays,( many modern cigarettes are engineered to enhance the action of the nicotine using an ammonia based process), in its various popular forms and in the sheer quantity that it is consumed, can do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING REAL for the smoker, and for nearly all results in ADDICTION, ILLNESS and DEATH. (The evidence for which is all too abundantly clear).

  The tobacco companies, from within the culture they created, try to persuade and convince us all into believing things are not so bad and that smokers 'choose to smoke', when they know full well, that by the time anyone has been smoking for even a few weeks he or she can be well on the way to a lifetime of addiction, choice by now having very little to do with it.
Life can be happily and better lived without cigarettes.   Where and what is the way out of this predicament?... Have you ever gone somewhere but got lost going back home? The way back often looks very different to the way there. These pages are an attempt to get your attention and provide a thread that leads back through the labyrinth, where you can face and undo the self-deceptions acquired enroute and be assisted in breaking and staying free from the trap. The journey can be made alone but it is easier travelled with the aid of a guide, someone who has already succeeded,
Get Rid of Those Cigarettes....Before it is too late by twice

(... The proper use of tobacco is most likely a completely different story and has absolutely nothing in common with the twenty-first century hybrid human culture of tobacco smoking...)

Let it Pass


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