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In Memento Mori

  DIED. DAVID MCLEAN, 73, actor; of lung cancer; in Los Angeles. The approriately rugged McLean saddled up for appearances on the TV series Bonanza and Gunsmoke, as the star of the short-lived Tate - and in numerous Marboro-cigarette spots. Ironically, he is the second "Marlboro Man" to die of lung cancer.

Marlboro Man
King George VI

  DIED. KING GEORGE VI, 56, Ruler; of lung cancer; in Sandringham Palace, England. "But just to remind yourself of what tobacco can do, think of King George VI, one of the best monarchs Britain has ever had, and a premature loss to his family and his country. He did not know of the risks he ran by smoking; you do."...

  DIED. HARRY GUARDINO, 69, actor; of lung cancer; in Palm Springs, California. His voice, marinated in New Yorkese, reverberated through a career of street-tough characters in plays like A Hatful of Rain, movie like Pork Chop Hill and Lovers and Other Strangers and a plethora of T.V. roles.

 DIED. R.J.REYNOLDS III, 60, a grandson of the founder of the tobacco company that bears his name; of emphysema and congestive heart failure after a lifetime of cigarette smoking; at his home in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Known as "Josh" the eldest of four children, Reynolds had interests ranging from poetry to philanthropy to Thoroughbred horses. Attendees at his memorial service were asked to pass up flowers in favor of donations to 'Citizens for a Smoke-free America', the anti-smoking group founded by Josh's half brother Patrick.

Audrey Meadows

  DIED. DOUG McCLURE, 59, actor: of lung cancer; in Sherman Oaks, California "So many good looking, successful guys have an arrogance about them. he never did. I think women remember him as a handsome cowboy. And I think he would like to be remebered that way." - actor Dick Van Patten.

Doug McClure
R.J. Reynolds III

  DIED. JESSICA MITFORD, 78, author; of lung cancer; in Oakland, California. Her 1963 book The American Way of Death was hailed as a blistering indictment of the undertaker business.

  DIED. AUDREY MEADOWS, 71, actress; of lung cancer in Los Angeles. She began her carreer as a soprano, playing Carnegie Hall and Broadway. And then, in 1952, she became Alice on The Honeymooners. Meadows and co-star Jackie Gleason (Who died in 1987) were a study in the metaphysics of comedy, a working class yin and yang who made that sitcom a peak experience of American pop culture. Gleason as bus driver Ralph Kramden was huge, bombastic, extravagant with feeling. Meadows as his wife was slight, cool, drolly down-to-earth. She imbued Alice with a prefeminist feistiness that rendered Ralph';s threats of domestic violence ridiculous. Yet she was also tender in a worldly-wise way, always ready to forgive Ralph his latest scheme to escape hardscrabble Brooklyn.

Melina Mercouri

  DIED. MELINA MERCOURI, 68, actress; of lung cancer. Here seen in Never on a Sunday, who considered smoking her "challenge against fear".

  DIED. VICTOR CRAWFORD, 63, anti-smoking activist; of throat cancer; in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1992 the life-long smoker learned he had terminal cancer, and in his final months he became an eloquent crusader against big tobacco. In Maryland he helped win passage of the sort of smoking restrictions he had once worked against as a lobbyist of the Tobacco Institute

Brian Keith Camel Ad

 DIED. BRIAN KEITH, 75, actor; from suicide by firearm; in Malibu, California. He had been battling emphysema and lung cancer even though he reportedly had quit smoking a decade ago. He played everything from a homicidal rancher to a stone-faced private detective, but the gruff, burly ex-Marine from Bayonne, N.J., was best known for the steady hand he kept on the tiller in 1961's The parent trap, with Maureen O'Hara, and as a kindly bachelor Uncle Bill, raising a pair of orphaned nieces and a nephew in his Manhattan appartment on TV's Family Affair (1966-71). Sadly, however, Brian keith's trademark surety evidently faltered in the face of his advanced lung cancer ....
 Family Affair alumnus Johnny Whitaker,37, who recalls Keith "making sure the set was a positive place" for his young costars, says that "he was as loving and curmudgeonly as always. He was a real Uncle Bill."

  DIED. BETTY GRABLE,(1916-1973) 56; actress; of lung cancer; in California... Betty Grable, 1916-1973 Thrust into show business at the age of 13 by a relentless stage mother, Betty Grable became America's favorite pin-up girl and at one time the highest paid entertainer in the U.S.A. Known for her "million dollar legs", insured by 20th Century Fox, Betty Grable succumbed to lung cancer on July 2nd, 1973 at the age of 56.
  Betty Grable was, in fact the pin up girl of World War II, her famous image painted by American GIs on the noses of bombers and the term "Betty" becoming war-era slang for a good looking woman.
Miss Grable continued to star on stage until 1972, when she agreed to serve as a presenter at the Academy Award ceremonies of that year. During the awards show, Miss Grable fell ill and was rushed to an area hospital, where she was discovered to be in the advanced stages of lung cancer.
  After what was thought to have been a successful treatment for her cancer, Betty Grable returned to the stage in "Born Yesterday", but relapsed. Subsequent surgeries and treatment proved unsuccessful, and on July 2nd, 1973 at the age of 56, Betty Grable died at St. John's Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

Betty Grable Chesterfield Ad

  During her 44 year career, she had appeared in 84 films, conquered Broadway, been immortalized in the cement outside Grauman's Chinese Theater, and become one of America's most beloved stars. She was honored after her death with a place on the Walk of Fame in the city of her birth, St. Louis Missouri.

Lana Turner

  DIED. LANA TURNER, 74, actress; of throat cancer; in Los Angeles, California. The end-of-1995 wrapups didn't take much notice of her. She had died on June 29th...Sex and diffidence: There was no Lana look - just a cloudy, heated Lana presence.

George Harrison 58
Yul Bryner

  DIED. YUL BRYNER, 70, actor; of lung cancer; Will for ever be remembered for his roles in...
The Magnificent Seven,
The Ten Commandments
and The King and I...

Rod Serling

  DIED. ROD SERLING, 50, TV producer; of complications from a coronary by-pass operation. Chain smoking presenter of the The Twilight Zone.....

Robert Mitchum

  DIED. ROBERT MITCHUM, 79, actor; of lung cancer; in Santa Barbara, California....

DIED. ROGER ZELAZNY, 58, author; of lung cancer; in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Armed with pyrotechnic prose and a stylish comand of mythic themes, Zelazny broke new ground in science fiction as part of the 1960's "New Wave," which presented socially and psychologically complex views of the future, at sharp odds with genre's traditionally upbeat portrayals of tomorrow. The winner of every major award in the field, Zelazny saw his grim vision of postapocalyptic America, Damnation Alley, made into a film.



The list is vast and never ending... , every year in America over 365,000 people die in great pain from diseases caused directly by their smoking, that is over 1000 per day, one person or so every minute and a half...
... tick tock, tick tock...

"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man...
...It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity...
It is the middle ground between light and shadow,
between science and superstition,
and it lies between the pit of man's fears,
and the summit of his knowledge...
This is the dimension of imagination.
It is an area we call...
the 'Twilight Zone'...


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