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M E T H O D I C 4

"YOU'VE STOPPED! It was as easy as that!
Irritability is fading,
Cravings are weakening in their surges.
Psychological changes are going on in you.
You are full of energy.
You can breathe through your nose again!
Smell flowers again! Taste again!
Life is GREAT!

excerpted from 'the Smokers' Home Companion'

Phase 4 - The Interim

  This is where you are no longer smoking. Physically this may be true, but other parts of you, the inner lives of you are not. They have been trained by you, for maybe thirty or more years, to respond to daily overdoses of nicotine and the other psycho-active and toxic constituents of tobacco smoke. Substances they are no longer getting.

  Some of these lives are physical/chemical some more tennuous and electromagnetic (like the psychology). These lives, after many years of smoking, keep acting out the smoking role, not realizing that you have stopped. They still need time to adjust and recover from the ending of your affair with cigarettes.

  Cigarette smoking is not something that a person can simply walk away from, and then have it be like he or she never smoked. So, please, try not to celebrate too soon.... know that many dangers still lurk ahead. Be warned... Many people have stopped, only to find themselves, because of some traumatic episode or even for no apparent reason, 4 years down the road and smoking again. So be warned...

  It is extremely important to stay vigilant and be ever mindful. Keep writing in your journal, calling over your maxims and reasons for getting rid of cigarettes, and maintaining your cigarette smoking records, even though they will now show zeros. The longer you do this the better.

  There are also certain times when you will need to be especially vigilant - the most dangerous is around 6 months after stopping. So please, stay aware and alert if you are in it for the long haul...


  A brief outline of this version of the method:

  1. Planning Become a researcher, get to understand smoking and how it affects you. Know why you want to stop, admit to it and plan how you will go about it.
  2. Regulation Smoke according to the clock rather than responding to cravings, habits and other urges. This will help you to separate you from the kind of smoker you currently are. Learn to make your smoking regular, like clockwork.
  3. Control Take back some control and cut in half the number of cigarettes you 'normally' smoke each day.
  4. Maintenance Cut down by steps the number of cigarettes you smoke each day to three. Think of these as 'maintenance dose cigarettes'.
  5. Realizations Learn from the journey so far, and in the light of new revelation rewrite the plan and your reasons for getting rid of cigarettes.
  6. De-Pressurize Gradually, slow down. keep on smoking three maintenance cigarettes per day until you feel comfortable with stopping altogether.
  7. Stop Smoking Stop and make a contract with yourself to stay that way. Stay aware and alert to problems. Maintain a journal of your progress for at least three years, longer if you can.
  8. The fatality Recognise the fatality of having taken up with cigarettes in the first place, and there will always be an ongoing price to pay. Realize the danger is not over, and that vigilance for the rest of your life will be just one of the many prices to be paid.
  9. Smile and be happy Add up the bounty of the good things reclaimed by getting rid of cigarettes. Get to value them and place yourself, no longer a smoker, in the these, and base yourself in the purpose of living.

  ...WELL that's the method - it worked and continues to work for the author. It is really up to you what method, if any, you choose. For most of us there are no short-cuts to getting rid of cigarettes, there are no easy ways out. Self discipline and perseverance are absolute requirements. Success takes time, it takes patience, it takes attention to detail and adhesion to the method used... There is an old English saying that fits: 'Soon ripe, soon rotten.'


  If you need any further help or assitance in understanding or using this method please contact the author..

Let it Pass

Let it Pass.


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