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Reasons Pro - Why do we Smoke?


-   Basic   -
Tastes Good
Costs Less

Basic Clue Ad   Why on earth would anyone smoke tobacco? Smoking cigarettes does not seem to make much sense...
  Take some dried leaves, wrap them in paper, package the resulting sticks, twenty at a time, in an appealing box; tax and market the product to people called 'smokers', who will stuff them one by one throughout the day into their mouths, setting fire to them as they do, for the sole purpose of inhaling the smoke. Smoke that contains toxins and highly addictive drugs that they use to drug themselves, drugs that have no medical benefit and do not 'do' much anyway (there is no big tobacco 'buzz' only a 'taste'!). The toxins in the smoke utterly ruin their health...
  From the many reasons that could be found, this page examines seven "  Basic  " reasons why anyone would either want to or have to smoke cigarettes. They have been placed in an order in which they seem to become significant for the smoker.

Available and Legal...

- Marlboro -
Come to Marlboro Country.

Marlboro Country ad   This has to be the first reason for smoking. There is no shortage of supply. Anywhere and at any time cigarettes can be bought, borrowed or bartered for. They are still legal, if you are over 18 years old there is no prohibition in possessing them. So why not smoke? There is no authority that is preventing us, no "Sheriff of Nosmoking City" to arrest us, cigarettes are everywhere you want them to be.

Identity and Persuasion.

It's a woman thing.

V.S. Lady in a Swimsuit ad   What makes anyone endure the smoking of those first cigarettes...? Perhaps it's an Image Thing? Brought about by the persuasions of our peers and the not inconsiderable marketing skills of the tobacco companies. Here is a slightly daft example of identity persuasion.
  First it often comes from 'outside to inside' : "You need to be smoothe and cool to fit in! Cigarettes will make you smoothe and cool and help you to fit in!"
  Then having somehow been sold on the 'smoothe and cool' idea, it then comes from 'inside to outside' : "I wanna be smoothe and cool and fit in! Cigarettes will make me look smoothe and cool! I must get me some smoothe and cool cigarettes!"
  What was probabaly never even thought through, is the obvious question "Why on earth would anyone even want to be 'smoothe and cool' in the first place?"... Cigarettes of course help all of us to fit in, FIT IN A COFFIN that is...

Pleasure and Self Reward

- Pall Mall -
Reward Yourself
- with the pleasure of...

1950's Pall Mall Ad   After smoking cigarettes for a while, as every smoker knows, the experience becomes very pleasant, (would anyone smoke if the experience was painful?) The pleasure is double as it either perks up or quiets and settles, ah...! the rewards of smoking. The tobacco companies know this well and use it as a selling point.
  This or that deed may go unnoticed and unappreciated, so smoking a cigarette becomes an easy way to self-administer the missing reward. In the absence any checks or balances, this behaviour can escalate to the point where there might be fifty such rewards per day! Its the 'MA' in 'Marlboro', acting as a surrogate mother, encouraging us to go on! A one person celebration in a packet or a do-it-yourself consolation kit, the use of which is probably accelerating out of control.

Habit and Power

- Parliament -
You are So Smart to Smoke Parliaments

Parliament Smart Ad  Smoking by now has become a role, with many repeat performances. It has grown to become a life, interlaced with all the other lives in a person. So when aked,"Why?" The response comes out something like this... I have always smoked, people expect me to smoke, the power of my charisma draws from the fact that I am a smoker, I have all this smoking gear and I had better use it, life would not be the same without my trusted Zippo in my hand and a Marley in my mouth, who would fill my ash trays if I didn't?...Its a bit like the military trying not to give up its nuclear weapons, ... one excuse after another supporting the habit that empowers and a power that can be very habit forming.

Pain and Addiction

- Chesterfields -
They Satisfy!

Chesterfield Ad   In the 1930's the catch phrase from Chesterfields cigarette advertisements was "They Satisfy". Satisfy what? is the important question that was seldom asked. Clearly the pain of the 'Cravings', that by now won't go away and don't abate unless more nicotine(+) is added to the system. Addiction is a powerful reason for having to smoke.
  Pain and Addiction, are simply the dark side of Love and Marriage.
  There can be no craving for blessings, they are welcome and come unexpected and unasked.

Fear and Possession

- Capri -
She's gone to Capri and she's not coming back.

Capri Ad   The fear of missing out on the opportunity of what smoking has to offer (in spite of it all) should smoking be stopped or prevented... this is the emotional side of addiction. It is a subtle but strong petition to keep smoking that comes from all the different parts of a life that imagine they have a vested interest in the continuation of smoking ...
  There is this powerful grip that could be expresed as: "These are 'my' cigarettes and will not be surrendered without a fight."
  There are many other fears, enough to fill a book on their own. They chiefly relate to the other reasons to smoke and can be easily detected.

Function and Capability

- Philip Morris -
PROVED* less irritating to the smokers' nose and throat

P.M. Johnny Doctor ad   Smokers with emphysema will continue to smoke, smokers will smoke through coughing fits. As long as a smokers can still draw breath through the mouth or a breathing hole in the neck, they will smoke. So Function and Capability; it can still be done in spite of everything, becomes the final reason to smoke. (Hey, I'm not dead yet, I think I'll just take another puff...)


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