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Reasons Con - why should we stop smoking


Cowboy and Body-Bag   So much for the seven reasons FOR smoking, it's on to the seven reasons why NOT to smoke. This will employ reverse reasoning (To further explain - on the previous page it was proposed that one of the reasons 'to Smoke' was addiction, on this page it will be mooted as part of a reason 'Not to Smoke')...
  The predicament of a smoker can be likened to that of a person caught in a trap made from barbed fish-hooks. Where every time the victim struggles to break free, the hooks get more deeply embedded. There is only one way to escape; remain still and calm whilst each hook is, as gently as possible, removed. And when and only when each hook has been dealt with, can the person walk free.

Broken Health

Sick Cigarette Smokers   Get rid of cigarettes now! Before smoking causes irrevocable harm. Before vital systems fail, before smoking caused diseases have taken their final, deadly grip ... (Ironically imminent mortality is what often triggers a 'Quitting Attempt')   Nicotine is an insecticide, plants produce it to kill insects. We do not smoke pyrethrin or diazinon.( We complain if our children huff on inhalants, and then turn around and do the very same thing when we smoke.) Tobacco smoke is necrotizing, by smoking we have deliberately chosen to slowly kill ourselves, much as we would destroy weeds or garden pests. The warning signs are present from the very first puff of the very first cigarette. Smokers who won't, can't or don't stop, discover, soon enough, that smoking related illnesses are much more expensive to maintain than a smoking habit/addiction.
  The advice is: Get rid of cigarettes now, it is almost too late!


Cigarette Case with Human Cigarette   Get rid of cigarettes now! Before the "WILL TO STOP SMOKING ENTIRELY CEASES". Before smoking completely takes over the emotions, and becomes almost the sole source of meaning in a life. The symptoms of this are everywhere...The phone rings, light up! Get in the car, light up! Smoking takes place before, during and after every meal...and so it goes. Every important moment in life seems to need a cigarette to complement it. Smoking is becoming semi-religious to the smoker, cigarettes are now indispensible almost sacramental, the smoking paraphernalia, revered...
  The advice is: Meaningful insecticide? really!...it might be better to look elsewhere for life's meaning.

Addiction and Withdrawal

Cigarette Hand on Man   Get rid of cigarettes now! Before the addiction becomes too strong to break. Before the chemical dependency has too powerful a grip and the apparent withdrawal symptoms are so severe it seems preferable to remain a smoker...
  There are many lives in the one life, this concerns the 'chemical life' which becomes altered by smoking. Nicotine has all but vanished from the body two weeks from when smoking is stopped, its breakdown products such as cotinine some six weeks later. If it was that simple, getting rid of cigarettes would be an easy matter of choice. The problem is this: The entire chemistry of the smoker has been altered - the smoker is now 'Homo Sapiens Sapiens Nicotinus(+)' - it takes on average seven years for the chemical life to change and readjust itself back to that of a person who has never smoked. This is the real period of withdrawal or more appropriately 'Recoil'. It begins to explain why nicotine therapy doesn't seem to work for some diehard smokers, the patches or gum only serving to delay matters..
  The advice is: Face the pain now - don't even think of later.

A Habit Escalating Out of Control

Mouth Full of Cigarettes   Get rid of cigarettes now! Before becoming permanently trapped in the treadmill of a repetitious and ever expanding service to cigarettes.
  There is ample evidence, for example:-

  • Over the years the number of cigarettes smoked steadily increases - 5 to 10 per day then... and maybe it's up to 50 or more now...
  • Where one cigarette used to 'do it', somehow now two or even three get smoked.
  • The phrase "Whenever I see you, you are always lighting up" keeps ringing in the smoker's ears.
  • And when not actually smoking, the mind is occupied thinking about it.
  • Smoking becomes repetitive and absent minded, to the point where there is both a lit cigarette in one hand and another one burning in the ash tray...
  • Never leaving home, even for a short trip, without triple checking that there is a more than adequate supply of smokes and lighters.
  • The mouth has become like an ash tray, a place for parking cigarettes.
  • Burn holes appear mysteriously in clothes, (Clothes that now permanently reek of stale tobacco smoke).
  • Careless smokers dying in bed as the house burns down around them...

  Where will it end? Having failed yet again in the attempt to get rid of cigarettes; think of the horror of being back on the treadmill, this time smoking even more than before.
  The advice is: Perhaps, before it gets any worse, try to get a life!

A Pleasure Hazardous to All

German Dragon   Get rid of cigarettes now! They are simply not worth the price. Amongst other things, smoking is a self-administered, something for nothing, transitory pleasure or reward. But at what price to self and others?

  • What lasting pleasure is there in giving oneself a medal or a prize?
  • What pleasure is there for a body that is forced to suffer the toxins in all that smoke?
  • What pleasure is there for those who cannot escape this 'pleasure' and are forced to breathe in and suffer the smell of the smoker's smoke?
  • What pleasure is there for those who love the smoker, and are forced to witness someone slowly kill themselves?
  • What pleasure is there for those who have to pay the final exhorbitant hospital and morticians bills etc when the smoker eventually dies?
  • What is the pleasure in knowing that others watching the smoker might be encouraged to do the same, and take up smoking?

  The advice is: Pleasure at the expense of one's own life and the wellbeing of others? What kind of madness is that?

Identity like Iron

Underground No Smoking Model   Get rid of cigarettes now! Before the identity surrounding their use becomes like IRON, and it is then impossible to break free...
  One of the reasons for starting to smoke is for the enhancement of self-image. If smoking continues then over the years this grows into a 'life'. The person becomes a 'smoker', taking on all the asscociated attributes and does not see it. So a little snapshot might help...
  "Even when presented with evidence to the contrary, most smokers continue to have confidence in cigarettes. They show little awareness concerning the effects of smoking cigarettes on others and demonstrate a lack of sensitivity and tolerance towards those they affect, dismissing any protests as a joke. They use smoking as the punctuation of life and easily get annoyed when prevented. In human dealings smoking is used as a prop to cover for any social ineptness. Believing that their well crafted mental composure will disintegrate in the absence of cigarettes; they use this as an excuse to continue smoking. And demonstrate further emotional immaturity by choosing to hide and stay ignorant of the real facts..."
 The advice is: The only way off this hook is to adopt a different role, it is suggested here and elsewhere in this website to become for a while at least 'a researcher into smoking'. This provides a practical way to cicumvent the heavy investment in 'ego' that has accrued over the years of being a smoker.

Wrong Time and Place

Delta No Smoking Ad   Get rid of cigarettes now! Although cigarettes might still be a legal product, where they can still be smoked without breaking the law has become severely limited. Smoking bans are in effect in most workplaces, all hospitals, theatres, terminals, transports, sports arenas and just about everywhere else. In New York City smoking is even banned from restaurants and bans are being contemplated for bars, hotels and even public parks! New smoking restrictions are created everyday. There is practically nowhere left where it is possible to legally smoke indoors except in the home of a smoker. And even at home there is no sanctuary, nowadays spouses are divorcing their relevant other and claiming custody of the children, on the grounds that their spouse is a smoker! So it might be prudent to train for a future where smoking will no longer be 'cool' and get rid of those cigarettes now.
  The advice is: Imagine its you entering an old folks home; first they will take away your dignity, then your smokes.


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