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Reasons and Intentions to Keep Nearby

Interim Commentary

  This process employs positive reasoning. The keeper reasons when worked on tend to form up as intentions. They are particular to each life wishing to get rid of cigarettes. and are best designed and written for the long term. Something to keep close by for the next seven years whilst getting rid of cigarettes. They need to be taken out often and examined to see how things are proceeding and what needs to be changed or upgraded. If neccessary they can be rewritten, since a person can change a lot in seven years.
  What follows is a brief guide set of seven reasons and intentions. They are in no way meant to be typical, since each person is unique.

To Succeed finally, completely and cleanly at Getting Rid of Cigarettes.


  1.   The reason is the success, to know that it can be done by doing it.
  2.   To make it so.
  3.   There is an honour to be won.

To become more my own person.


  1.   Grow a new life, one no longer dependent upon cigarettes.
  2.   A more independent life in which I am answerable to me.
  3.   One stylized to the purposes and importances of living.

To discover real pleasure


  1.   This is going to have to be since smoking was my chief pleasure. Smoking helped greatly to make life more bearable. It was often my only reward in a mostly thankless world.
  2.   New 'constructive pleasures' will have to be discovered. Better to emotionally mature, pursue satisfying researches, get out more, go dancing etc...
  3.   Find real rewards in a better service given.

To be able to be much more productive.


  1.   Get honest and cease to LIE to myself about the extent of this habit.
  2.   Be reminded often of all that time wasted in actually smoking or in using it as prop or as a tool for avoidance...
  3.   Face what needs to be done and do it, find ways and means to become increasingly active..

To be no longer chemically bound to the contents of cigarette smoke


  1.   Research indicates that getting rid of cigarettes might produce, amongst other things, short term depression. This will have to be lived through and struggled with on a daily basis.
  2.   This will require developing a back up plan of things to do no matter what...
  3.   It takes seven years for the systems to fully right themselves.

To gain a genuine freedom from unneccessary fears.


  1.   Because of the 'Marlboro Man' syndrome, it is difficult for most smokers to admit to having any fears at all concerning cigarette smoking.
  2.   Freedom from the fear - seldom admitted to whilst smoking - of what physical harm smoking cigarettes might have done and be doing to self and others.
  3.   Freedom from the psychological fears, mostly feelings of inadequacy that kept me smoking.
  4.   Freedom from the fear of feeling 'naked' and the threat of 'losing my composure' without a cigarette in my hand. (the reliance upon the presence of cigarettes as a prop in all manner of human dealings).
  5.   Freedom from the fear that I might be cheating myself somehow by stopping smoking. (A fear caused by a chronic dependency on cigarettes).

To reclaim my health


  1.   To smell again, to breathe again, to get my circulation back, to have stamina again...
  2.   It takes ten years for most of the physical damage to be reversed. Gradually the elevated risk for lung cancer, emphysema, heart attack, etc recedes.
  3.   As it is simply a matter of time, be patient.


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